Dear Colleagues,

Please see the following important reminder

  • PHASE-OUT OF ENTERPRISE AND ELEMENTS SOFTWARE: The use of both Enterprise and Elements for protocol processing and approval will be discontinued by October 31st, 2018. In order to meet this objective, no new protocol amendments will be accepted in either system as of September 1st, 2018. This is absolutely necessary to allow for the time required for protocol approval from these systems as well as their decommission by the October 31st target date.


  • AMENDMENTS TO ENTERPRISE AND ELEMENTS PROTOCOLS: If you have a protocol(s) in the existing systems that have not been migrated AND you feel you will need to submit an amendment soon, please contact the IACUC office immediately. We will prioritize your migration into the new solution in order to prevent any unnecessary loss of time.


  • AMENDMENTS AND MIGRATIONS AFTER SEPTEMBER 1st. If your protocol has not been migrated after September 1st, and you find you need to submit a protocol amendment, please see the following guidance:
    • Personnel amendments: Contact the IACUC office. We will work with you to submit the amendment to add your staff directly into eIACUC so as not to hold up approvals and to allow your staff to get to work as quickly as possible;
    • All other amendments: Contact the IACUC office. We will migrate your protocol within 2 business days and then release it to you for subsequent submission of the new amendment into the eIACUC solution.

Thanks to all, and please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns, or need assistance.


"The Animal Examiner - News from the IACUC"

Volume 02, Iissue 01 Topics

  • Top Three Noncompliances
  • Upcoming IACUC Events
  • Veterinary Drug Procurement
  • Animal Model Resources
  • Tips for Swifter Review
  • Download February 2013, Volume 02, Issue 01: pdf, 106 kb

Volume 01, Iissue 03 Topics

  • Top Three Noncompliances
  • Upcoming IACUC Events
  • A Change in Annual Reviews Processing
  • Implementing the New Guide – Rodent Surgery
  • Tip for Swifter Review
  • Download July 10, 2012, Volume 01, Issue 03: pdf, 48 kb

Volume 01, Iissue 02 Topics

  • Top Three Noncompliances
  • WLAW and WWAL Week is Here - April 21-29
  • Introducing the Animal Research Classifieds (ARC)
  • Tip for Swifter Review - Ask a Vet
  • Download April 19, 2012, Volume 01, Issue 02: pdf, 54 kb

Volume 01, Iissue 01 Topics

  • Welcome
  • IACUC to Divide and Conquer
  • Compliance Reminders
  • Upcoming Site Inspections
  • TOPAZ Web P&R Maintenance
  • IACUC Office Welcomes a New Employee
  • Tip for a Swifter Review: Amendment Strategy
  • Download March 15, 2012, Volume 01, Issue 01: pdf, 54 kb

Previous Front Page News Articles

The New "Guide" and Changes to Mouse Housing Requirements

According to the new 8th edition of the  “Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals.”  Based on Table 3.2 on page 57 of the new “Guide”,  adult mice (>25 grams body weight) have a recommended minimum 15 square inches of space per animal.  The average adult mouse will weigh approximately 30 grams.  Using this minimum, cages currently in use will only allow 5 adult mice per cage. 

Emory University’s PHS Assurance states that we will adhere to the “Guide” and PHS Policy.  The IACUC must conduct at least one of its semiannual inspections incorporating the new “Guide” before December 31, 2012.  The IACUC has already conducted one site inspection of all facilities and did not cite any cages with more than 5 adult mice/cage.  With this implementation timeframe in mind, any mouse cages containing more than 5 adult mice found after May 1st will be reported to the IACUC.  Any cages found with more than 5 adult mice found on the next semiannual site inspection will be documented as a deficiency and reported to our Institutional Official, Dr. David Wynes, Vice President for Research Administration, in the semiannual report as required by the Animal Welfare Act.  

Please don’t blame the IACUC.  Following the new revised “Guide” is federally mandated by our regulatory bodies and expected by our accreditation agency. Please note that the IACUC has revised its policy to comply with the new “Guide”.  Please see Mouse Overcrowded Cage Policy

"The Animal Examiner, News from the IACUC Launches"

A new electronic newsletter has been launched in an effort to fill the information gap between the IACUC meeting room and the animal procedure room. Timely topics include information on new policies and policy changes, guidance from the regulatory and accrediting agencies, upcoming site inspections, compliance reminders, tips for swifter protocol review, and more. This short one-page newsletter will be delivered via a listserv and is intended for researchers using animals at Emory University. If you did not receive the inaugural issue and would like to receive future issues, please send an email to Dr. Larry Iten. To download the inaugural issue and future issues, please click here.

TOPAZ Web P&R - Routine System Maintenance

Due to the number of changes made on a daily basis to this system, regular system maintenance is scheduled nightly. Beginning immediately, system maintenance will occur between 1AM and 5AM. But not to worry, the system will still be up and running continuously but you may experience slower screens during this time period.

Message from the IACUC Chair

Dr. Sam Speck - It has been a year since I last wrote to you regarding laboratory animal use at Emory. In this letter I will address a number of issues relevant to the workings on the IACUC office and changes that are being implemented. This update is long, but I hope that you find some of this information useful.... Click here for the entire message. pdf, 164kb

TOPAZ Web Protocols& Review (Web P&R)

To increase the efficiency, consistency and quality of the review process by the IACUC and to increase compliance with mandatory reporting requirements with our regulatory agencies and accreditation bodies, online protocol submission via the Web P&R system is required for all new and 3-year renewal protocol submissions.

  • Web P&R Account: Click here to request a new account.
  • Web P&R Training: Email or call the IACUC office (404-712-0734) to sign up for the biweekly training. The program is not currently highly intuitive. We are working on that. Training will save you time and is highly recommended.
  • Web P&R System Login: Click here. Use your Emory UserID and Emory password to login.
  • Please report any issues with protocol submission to Dr. Larry Iten.

Printed paper or MS Word protocol application forms are no longer accepted. Existing MS Word protocols will become inactive on July 1, 2012.