eIACUC Project



To: Emory University Animal Users
Re: Update on Implementation of new eIACUC Protocol Solution

Dear Colleagues:

As initially reported to you in July of 2017, the Emory University IACUC is in the process of transitioning from the current IACUC management software to a new solution, provided by Huron/Click. In the past three months, we have made significant progress toward implementing the Huron/Click IACUC solution and wanted to provide an update to the Emory University Animal User Community. We have now completed the onboarding phase of the project which included the generation of requirements to tailor the solution, where possible staying within the Huron/Click solution roadmap, to Emory’s business needs as well as to evaluate our business processes in light of the new software. In addition, Project Champions were recruited and introduced to the product. These individuals are key IACUC stakeholders (researchers, veterinarians, the IACUC Chair, and other committee members) who will provide input and testing assistance throughout all stages of the project as well as help us spread the word about this new solution. In the last month, we have begun the Implementation and Testing phase where we are beginning to incorporate the requirements identified in Onboarding into the solution. We have completed most of the work to integrate the solution with other Emory systems and are currently working on editing the protocol form to match our requirements. As this process continues the Emory core team, the IACUC members, and project champions will be testing the new solution to ensure it meets our needs and works well across all platforms. The focus during this testing will be the protocol submission forms and the review/approval process. A Soft Launch phase will follow the Implementation and Testing phase where we roll out the solution to a small group of Animal Users (approximately 10—15 protocols) to test and obtain feedback prior to the scheduled Emory-wide rollout in March 2018. As a reminder, the IACUC office will perform an initial migration of protocols to the new solution, with the goal to reduce the burden on PIs and their research staff as much as possible. NOTE: It is understood that this migration is likely not to be complete and that PI’s and their representatives will have to work with the IACUC office to fully migrate the protocol to the new solution.

Below are eIACUC project timeline highlights:
Fall 2017

  • IACUC office to hold outreach activities to provide additional information on the new IACUC solution; if you would like us to come to your unit/department, please contact us at iacuc@emory.edu
  • IACUC office, committee, Project Champions, and other super users will begin testing solution in development environment; testing activities to continue until Soft Launch begins
January 2018
  • Implementation and Testing phase ends
  • Training for Soft Launch participants
  • Soft Launch begins
February 2018
  • Training for Emory-wide rollout begins
March 2018
  • Continued training and support for Emory-wide rollout
  • Emory-wide rollout of new IACUC solution

We plan to communicate with Animal User Community on a regular basis between now and the Emory-wide rollout of the solution in March 2018. We will continue to send regular email updates and the IACUC website has been updated with an eIACUC page that will feature project announcements and information. Thank you for your time and consideration.


W. David Martin, PhD, CPIA
Director, Emory IACUC Office

Sam Speck, PhD
Chair, Emory IACUC